To have a fire in your family home is a devastating experience, and most people’s worst nightmare for good reason. Installing fire alarm system ensure that the fire can be noticed and eliminated, keeping you and your family safe. Having these alarms installed will give you peace of mind, and if a fire were ever to spread, everyone would have evacuated long before it became a problem.

GK Electrical Contractors will supply, install, and test your fire and smoke alarm system. To ensure the safety of your family, all our services and systems directly comply with current Fire Safety Law.

Systems include:

  • Standard Fire Alarms – These are the conventional alarms, suitable for residential properties of all sizes.

  • Addressable Fire Alarms – These are built for the largest properties, as they will pinpoint the exact location of a fire and display it for you to see, locate, and contain / eliminate it.

We believe in high quality so all the projects we deliver are of high standard – as if it was in our home. Safety for your family is our priority.

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