How smart technology has transformed our lives

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Advancement in cutting edge technology have brought us to an era of smart heating, smart lighting, smart security systems and even smart entertainment.

Smart technology has allowed a growing number of people to enjoy the beauty of smart home functionality that can adapt to an individual’s needs and comfort over time. Let’s set the scene; after coming home from a long hard day at work imagine unlocking your automated door clock without rummaging through your bag for keys and arriving inside to an ideal and ambient interior, set to the perfect temperature through the use of smart thermostats. Not only this, but you feel assured in the knowledge you are operating an energy efficient home, with the optimum temperature and lighting set via your phone to ensure no energy loss; impacting your pockets in the long run!

Is a smart home just about temperature and lighting?

The beauty of creating a smart home is that you can incorporate what you like into the design. From multi-room audio visual including speakers, TV, projectors and all entertainment systems, you can include anything to meet the wants and needs of those living in your property.

Whilst smart control for lighting and heating are popular and universally recognised, there are so many other ways you can use smart technology to benefit your lives and create a greener planet.

Advances in technology and artificial intelligence has taken a huge leap meaning that now almost every appliance or function within the home can be managed through your smartphone or other connected device and voice-controlled systems such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home!

And you’re not just limited to what is inside your home either. From outdoor lighting and doorbells, to the optimum times to charge your Electric Vehicle (EV), there are so many benefits to using smart technology to help manage your home inside and out. Security is fundamentally important, and another element that can be linked to your smart system. GK Electrical provide security solutions such as linking up your security system to your central home automation system so that you can see your cameras, control outdoor lighting and more, from the comfort and ease of your personal devices.

What smart solutions are available for you?

Such comforting, ultra-convenient and energy saving smart home technology is available, affordable, and benefitting a growing number of UK residents today. 

At GK Electrical Contractors we are energy efficiency experts and are on hand to advise you on the best ways to not only make your home smart, but how to make it eco-friendly too.

From advising on the smart technology systems that will best suit the needs for your property, to the energy sources that can further utilise your smart home, all the way to ensuring you have the required cabling to ensure the fastest connection possible so that occupiers have access to all the technology solutions that have been invested in. We create bespoke systems tailored to everyone in the property to ensure maximum energy efficiency and enjoyment.

More about us

At GK Electrical Contractors we are professional electrical contractors serving Surrey, London and the Greater London communities. We have a team of qualified electricians that proudly use their knowledge and expertise to deliver an impeccable quality of service.  Our team compromise of professional electricians whom individually specialise in different areas of electrical installation work that help create and set the scene for homes.

We are also proud environmentally-friendly electrical specialists, and so have a wealth of knowledge about the best energy efficient and green electrical solutions available for you and your property, including advice and guidance on how to make your home utilise the very best smart technology available. You can find out more about us here.

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