GK Electrical Contractors

GK Electrical Contractors is a family run business led by Greg & Tiba.  Greg is the Founder and Operations Director who has more than 25 years’ experience of electrical  project management. Tiba is the Financial & Development  Director with more than 20 years’ experience in accountancy and running multiple businesses.  The team comprises of professional electricians whom individually specialise in different areas of electrical installation work.

Our Core Values

Environmental values

At GK Electrical Contractors we strongly believe it is our duty to be environmentally conscious; through our practices, collaborations and the services we offer.
We work hard to help properties become more energy efficient; from installing home automation systems, EV charging units, advising on the best lighting choices and ensuring all electrical work carried out is done with energy efficiency in mind. We also work closely with pre-fabricated building companies, such as Dan-Wood, to develop sustainable housing in the UK.

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