Wireless Home Automation Systems

Automation is the future of many industries, and we can help you to make automation the future of your home or business. With the prevalence of smartphones and wireless technology, there’s a vast selection of home automation systems that will enable you to create your smart home.

Create a smart home with automation

Smart technology available today can be as simple as automatically turning your lights on and off during the day and at night, or it could be ensuring your home is always at a pleasant temperature with automated heating systems.

We can help you to save money by making your home more energy efficient.

We can also help with the installation of entertainment systems with multi-room audio or we can make your home safe with a remote security system.

Now really is the time to explore the solutions available to create your ‘smart home’ of the future, today.

Our team of fully qualified electricians install a range of automation systems that will make your life easier, and by connecting it all wirelessly you will be able to control different aspects of your home with remote controls or even apps on your mobile device. Contact us today to discuss your home automation system installation.

Automation systems for the office

We also offer design and electrical installation of wireless automation systems for commercial projects for both new build and refurbishment. Lighting systems that are controlled automatically lead to energy efficiencies for a business as do automated heating systems which control the temperature of the interior for enhanced occupant comfort. Talk to us about your requirements.

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