New Build Installations

We have just the right package for your new home or building! Our team of specialists will come in and create the perfect electrical installation including all the systems required. All of our products have a professional guarantee, and the new build installations are made especially for environment of a new home.

Consumer Unit Installation and Replacement

An outdated fuse can overload itself and send life-threatening voltage throughout your house or building at any time. It can be the cause of burns, fires and even mortality through direct contact.  Updating your consumer unit to meet new regulations is a choice that you should’ve made yesterday

From mini circuit breakers to RCD and SPD protection, we know everything there is to know about consumer units, and we’re more than happy to advise and help. New consumer units with modern components will detect overloads before they can become a problem and could put safety of your family at risk.

All in all, at GK Electrical Contractors your safety is our core value

Rewiring of Residential Properties

This invasive job is better left to professionals who know exactly what they’re doing, and who have never had a problem doing it.

How do I know if I need a rewiring?

  • Your property failed an inspection
  • Another tradesperson has noticed electrical issues in your home
  • Sockets and lighting are being problematic
  • Outdated or inadequate sockets or light points

If you experience an issue with your electricity, it is important to seek professional help immediately. This is a critical job and definitely not something to take lightly. Leave it to us and relax while we make sure your house is not only safe, but more comfortable place for your family.

Lighting Installations

Lighting can create a mood or atmosphere in your place. We will advise you on a best choice of lighting products to suit your requirements and achieve the ambience you want.

We take into account every square inch of the room or outdoors, design the correct layout and choose suitable products to create the perfect mood.

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