All new homes to require EV Charging points

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The British Government have announced that from 2022 all newly built homes and offices in England will require electrical vehicle (EV) charging unites to be installed.

The new legislation specifically outlines the requirement for all newly built offices and homes to feature a smart charging device, with all new office blocks having to install an EV charging point for every five car parking spaces.

This latest update from the Government further demonstrates their commitment to reducing CO2 emissions through the next 10 years, and makes England the first country to outline in legislation the need for new homes to have EV charging units installed.

Increase in popularity of EVs

We have seen a huge increase in EV charging unit installations and EV car purchases over the past few years, especially since the Government announced environmentally-friendly initiatives to improve our country’s carbon footprint.

This, teamed with the recent panic over petrol stock and huge queues to be able to add fuel to your petrol cars, makes it a better time than ever before to consider making the switch from petrol to EV.

With the ban on new petrol and diesel cars set for 2030, the addition of Government grants has seen a spike in EV charging point installations due to the offer of support and certainty for electric vehicle owners that there will be capacity to charge their cars in a convenient manner.

The British Government’s recent announcement regarding newly built home and offices further supports and reassures EV owners.

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