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You have probably heard about smart home automation before now, but have you really considered how it can improve everyday life?

Here is a quick overview of what home automation is and some key features that can help homeowners to create a ‘smart home’ of the future, today.

Smart home automation

Home automation is when devices and electrical appliances in your home are all linked together via a wireless system that can be programmed from your smart phone or central device.

That could mean turning your lights on or off at your home when you’re not there. Alternatively, it could allow you to put the heating on and moderate the temperature remotely so that your home is cosy for when you get home on a cold winter’s day.

You can also factor in appliances such as TV or audio systems into your automation hub.

Put simply, wireless home automation systems allow you to manage and schedule technology as and when you need, all from one device.

Advantages of home automation

Managing your electrical solutions in one integrated hub offers real benefits leaving you more time to enjoy what an automation system has to offer.

Being able to manage your appliances remotely can help free up time. You can set timers to switch on appliances. It offers a real convenient choice in today’s busy world.

With the ability to control thermostats you can keep energy usage down when heat is not needed, or switch lights on and off remotely helping a home be more energy efficient which in turn can provide cost savings.

Automation is also about keeping your home safe with systems for securing your home such as automated door locks, security cameras, alarm systems through to smoke detectors. Plus, having control of lights remotely is not only about energy savings but it also offers a great visual deterrent as lights switch on at key times giving the impression a home is occupied for added security.

Working with GK Electrical Contractors

If you’re a homeowner, we can work with you to create the automated home of your dreams. Our team of accredited electricians can help with the electric installation of your automation system.

If you’re a builder embarking on a new build or refurbishment project then you can benefit from our electrical expertise as we can advise on the best design of electrical systems and placement for electrical installation.

For property developers, considering automation within large residential projects will ensure that your development stands out above others. Buyers and renters expect high quality electrical goods and the latest technology. Home automation answers this demand.

We offer range of electrical services whether you’re looking for a home automation electrician, home electrical wiring or require electrical contractors on large commercial and residential projects.

Visit our gallery to see just a few of the projects we’ve provided electrician services for.

Safety for your family is our priority. It’s this philosophy that ensures our electrical installation is of the highest exceptional standard. We install as if it were our own home.

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