Can I install my own electric car charger?

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With the sale of new petrol and diesel cars banned from 2030 in the UK, many people will already be focussing on researching the Electric Vehicle (EV) that’s right for your requirements whether for work, family life or both.

An important part of planning for your electric car is how you are going to charge it. The benefits of an electric car are simple, you can plug it in and charge it at home, on the street or at offices. Many local authorities have already started to install EV charging stations about the town.

With a new electric car, if you have the option of off-street parking, it is worth considering an electric vehicle charging point installation in your garage or driveway.

Electric car charger home installation

As an Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) approved installer we can guide homeowners on the best electric car charging solution and location of the installation at your home.

It is possible to charge at home without an electric car charging station from your 13A plug socket, but it would be a very slow process.

However, as most manufacturers offer a charging station for the home, it makes sense to install this as it offers you convenience in the long-term and it is much quicker to charge.

As more of us will have electric vehicles in the future, more people will require EV charging options so a charging station offers a huge bonus when selling a home.

Electric vehicle homecharge scheme

The government’s Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) is a grant that offers 75% contribution to the cost of one chargepoint and its installation. The main requirements are that you either own, lease, or will have ordered a qualifying electric vehicle and you have off-street parking at your property.

As an EVHS approved installer, we can check that you qualify and apply for this grant on your behalf.

You can check EVHS grant eligibility here.

Here is the current list of vehicles eligible for the electric vehicle homecharge scheme (10 January 2021).

We are approved ROLEC EV ChargePoint installer as well as Andersen EVMyenergi Zappi EV chargers and Ohme EV chargers.

The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) oversees the move to zero-emission cars and vans (the department was recently renamed so you may be more familiar with the term Office for Low Emission Vehicles – OLEV).

EV charge point installation

Not only do we work directly with homeowners on the installation of EV charge points but we also provide guidance to architects, builders, property developers and local authorities about the best position for electric vehicle charging points and provide assistance with the application of the government grant depending on requirements. It’s a big plus to consider EV charging stations at design stage for residential projects as it will be an advantage when selling a property or for attracting future tenants.

Get in touch with our team of electrical contractors to discuss your electric car charger installation.

We work on a variety of electric installation projects across Surrey and Greater London including wireless home automation installation. 

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