Designing your home with home automation

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Are you renovating or designing your home? Here is our room-by-room home automation guide.


Your hallway is a great place to install your central home automation hub. This can control the whole house from one location.

You can also get smart door locks and external cameras linked to your hub, as well as smoke alarms and CO2 monitors; making it the perfect device to keep your home safe.

Living Room

You’ve been working all day and it’s time to relax, and this is where your home automation system can be your saving grace. From setting your lighting to create the perfect ambiance, controlling your heating to make sure your room is cosy or simply activating your tv and/or music devices; your home automation can make the most stressful of days a breeze once you’re home.

Dining Room

It’s time to host a dinner, and you need to make sure everything is perfect. Your home automation system can control the lighting, heating and music systems to create the perfect evening. You can even control your oven from afar so that you can socialise with your guests whilst keeping an eye on the cooking.


Being able to turn on and off appliances remotely can save you time, money and stress; and all of this is possible using your home automation system. From setting your coffee machine to make you your morning wake-up drink, to turning off appliances you have forgotten about. No more running home to check if you left the cooker on, simply check your device and control from afar!

Depending on the home automation device you choose, you may also be able to play music, make phone calls, listen to news, check the weather, and use it to help you get answers to important questions like “how to make a sponge birthday cake.”

Do you have a Smart washer and/or dryer? Make your home automation system even more efficient by enabling you to start, adjust and stop washes; all from your central system, and on the move from your linked devices.


Start running your bath/shower, play music via voice activation, monitor your water usage and more via your home automation system.


From setting your lighting, to saving the day by allowing you to turn on and off appliances, your home automation is perfect for bedrooms. You don’t even have to get up to open and/close the blinds, as you can either set this to automatic times via your system, or manage via your smart home device.

Baby’s bedroom? You can link your smart home system to your baby monitor; giving you extra peace of mind and reassurance.

Outside the home

Do you have an electric vehicle (EV)? Your home automation system can be linked to your EV charging unit so that you can plan your electrical usage and set charging times.

If you are considering an EV, read our blog on key considerations:

Security is also fundamentally important, and your security system can be linked up to your central home automation system so that you can see your cameras, control outdoor lighting and more, from your personal devices.

No matter what rooms you are designing, or your wants for your home, we can advise, guide and discuss multiple home automation options available to you and your property.

Contact us today for more information and a free consultation.

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