GK Electrical owner interview with PB Link

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The owner of GK Electrical, Greg Kasprzak, was recently interviewed by PB Link (Polish Business Link) where he gave insight into how the membership organisation, which facilities business to business connections, has helped in the company’s success.

The interviewer, Bill Mair of Precision Presentation, covered Greg’s history of when he arrived in the UK and then studied to ensure he had the qualifications to be an electrician in the UK. Greg already had a Polish electrical engineering degree but he required qualifications specific to the UK.

The interview gives insight into Greg’s perseverance, determination, and outstanding work ethic. This was, and still is, the solid grounding that helped his electrical contracting business to grow over 25 years.

The article also covers how GK Electrical strives for innovation and constantly adapts to market needs such as by gaining accreditation to become an electric vehicle charging point installer. Read our blogs on why architects must consider electric car charge points at design stage and ban on new petrol and diesel cars brought forward to 2030 to understand more about electric car charging installation.

You can read the interview with Greg on PB Link as well as listen to the full podcast here.

GK Electrical Contractors

Our family run business is Surrey Trading Standards approved. We believe in high quality which ensures that all the projects we deliver are to an exceptional standard. This stems from over 25 years of expertise working on projects of all sizes from residential to commercial.

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