Installing Electrical Vehicle (EV) Charging points just got safer

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Whilst we have been approved ROLEC EV ChargePoint installers for some time now, progress in the industry has been much anticipated for a while; with a want to make the process of installing EV charge points safer and more convenient for our clients.

New EV consumer unit

We are thrilled to announce that ROLEC has launched an O-PEN:EV consumer unit; simplifying EV ChargePoint installation.

Whereas before we had to install an electrode/earth rod before being able to install the ChargePoint, this step is removed when using the O-PEN: EV Consumer Unit. This makes the installation process much safer, and means that the location of the unit can be where the client prefers as it is no longer dependant on where the electrode/earth rod can be fitted.

Not only is the unit safer through the installation process, but the O-PEN consumer unit continuously monitors the electrical system and in the event of a fault automatically disconnects all poles including the earth conductor (CPC).

Whilst technical jargon doesn’t mean much to those outside of the trade, it’s important to know that the O-PEN consumer unit is fully compliant with BS7671 18th edition wiring regulations and easy to install, whilst providing both Overload & 30mA Fault-Current protection by means of a Type A RCBO.

OLEV Grant

Best bit – the Government will now fund your EV Charging point installations as part of the OLEV grant. As approved installers of ROLEC EV charging units, you can get a professional installation and an affordable price. Rolec manufactures a vast range of OLEV grant funded charging points, allowing both EV drivers and businesses to take advantage of significant cost savings when purchasing and installing EV charging points at their homes and workplaces.

If you’re looking to install an EV charging point into your home or business, contact GK Electrical today for more information and a quote. We can also provide more information on the OLEV grant.

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