Our Top Tips for looking after electrical equipment

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Unnecessary damage, and in the worst cases, injury and death, are caused by not maintaining electrical equipment. By looking after electrical equipment we can ensure the safety of our workplaces, homes and those we love and care about.

So, here are our top 3 tips to looking after your electrical equipment to avoid damage and injury:

1. Regularly check you small kitchen appliances

Small kitchen appliances are responsible for a large portion of kitchen-based fires in the home. They are quick to develop faults if not maintained. Keep a close eye on old wiring, and be sure not to use overloaded electrical outlet or extension cords. If an electrical appliance starts to act in an unusual way, such as a Microwave turning itself on, or toasters not turning straight off when you are finished using it; this can indicate an electrical problem, and could lead to a much more dangerous fault if not serviced/ replaced.

2. Use electric fan and fan heaters responsibly

Be it the fan you are relying on to keep you cool in summer; or an electrical fan heater helping to keep you warm when your heating fails (or in those cold office environments where you need a little extra warmth); these often used appliances must be used responsibly.

Never plug them into an overloaded extension plug; and always be aware of their place considering children and pets that may be around.

You’re also likely to store such appliances away when not needed; so be sure to check they are in working order an that cables are as they should be, without damage. Exposed wires and improper storage can be dangerous and lead to the appliance failing. Also worth checking it’s clear of dust so that the air being circulated is clean.

3. Maintained and frequently serviced equipment will last longer, and it will limit the chances of faults

It’s pretty simple. If you look after your electrical equipment by checking its condition, storing properly and not ignoring any faults, your equipment will last longer. You can also get electrical appliances, sockets and more checked by us to ensure your safety at home and in the workplace.

If you would like more advice on the maintenance and safety of your electrical appliances, contact us at GK Electrical today.

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