The Importance of lighting in your property

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Great lighting can often be overlooked in the design of spaces, but if you put lighting first in your design process, you can reduce costs, add emotional value and enhance the performance of your property.

Here are 5 benefits of having good lighting in your property. 

Improves mood and wellbeing

As we spend more time inside, lighting plays a crucial part in our everyday lives and wellbeing. Studies show that the quality of lighting significantly impacts our mood – lighting can boost your energy, relax you and make you feel productive. 

Automated lighting can be used to change or enhance the mood of a room. From KNX to Lutron, choosing the right control system will make using your lights in your property effortless and enjoyable.

Improves property efficiency

When lighting is automated and connected to a smart home app, you can be more energy efficient and significantly reduce running costs. LED bulbs require less electricity and last longer than incandescent light bulbs. Consider smart lighting that can help you reduce your environmental impact.

Illuminates interior design

Well-considered lighting can enhance the look of a room, create a sense of space and complement colour schemes in your property. Choosing the right lighting and light fixture can give a room more personality. Bold aesthetic choices with lighting can become a focal point in a room and give a space the real wow factor.

Boosts emotional connection to a space

Lighting truly sets the tone for the atmosphere of the interior environment you’re looking to create, evoking feelings of warmth or making a space feel more personal and intimate. Many automated lights now have adjustable tones to create the experience and atmosphere you desire.

Improves the functionality of space

Lighting is used to serve a purpose so it’s important to select the right lighting for different types of tasks and activities taking place in your property. Recessed lighting, spot lighting, pendant lighting, under cabinet lighting or work area lighting can all illuminate important tasks, provide more safety and make life easier. 

The right lighting can not only improve how a room functions and looks, but also how a room feels.

Contact us to find out how we can improve the lighting in your property.

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