A guide to home automation solutions

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With the prevalence of smartphones and wireless technology, there is a vast selection of home automation systems that will enable you to create the home of the future.

The sophisticated wireless home automation solutions, such as those offered by GIRA, means you can install a flexible modular automation system tailored to your needs without compromising on the aesthetic design of the home.

Users can control functionality through a switch, a mobile app or even voice control.

Whether a new build or refurbishment residential project, here are some of the smart home automation solutions to consider for the home.

1. Home automation lighting

Having the ability to automatically turn your lights on and off is not only energy saving but also provides a security measure. Solutions allow the ability to set lights to switch on and off at fixed times even when you are not at home.

Lighting aesthetics need not be compromised. Achieve smart home lighting functionality through smart lightbulbs and modular smart home electrical installation.

Your electrical contractor can help guide you through the solutions available. At GK Electrical Contractors, we are approved GIRA installers. These smart home solutions are often referred to as a ‘nerve system for the home’. The modular designs allow for a range of functionality enabling control of lighting, temperature through to the integration of door intercoms.

2. Smart home temperature

Ensuring your home is at the optimum temperature can help create an energy efficient home. Smart thermostats can enable the ideal ambient interior temperature for a welcoming environment.

A GIRA smart home solution also offers the ability to monitor air humidity and air quality which helps prevent mould through automatic ventilation.

3. Smart home entertainment

From multi-room audio visual including speakers, TV, projectors and all entertainment systems, the beauty of creating a smart home is that you can incorporate what your like into the design.

That is why we work with clients, whether homeowner, builders or architects, from design stage through to electrical installation. With our expertise we can help create the desired home

4. Smart home security

Smart homes today also encompass home security solutions, using Wi-Fi with automated door locks, security cameras, alarm systems through to smoke detectors.

5. Data installations

To enable solutions such as premium TV or satellite installations, AV system, home cinema or speaker systems around a home, data packages need to be catered for. Installing the required cabling to a home to ensure the fastest connection possible so that occupiers have access to internet where and when they need it. We ensure that all your media services are linked together and create a system which everyone in the house can fully enjoy.

6. Set the scene

The beauty of smart home functionality is that it can adapt to individuals needs over time.

The clever GIRA solutions can really set the scene as to how an individual or family wishes to live in their home. It means that all appliances can be switched off when you leave the house through one central setting. Or perhaps you want to set the mood for a room to make sure that certain lights come on when you sit down to eat your evening meal and accompanied by specific music to bring calm to the home. Whatever you require, set the scene for your home.

7. Approved GIRA installer for tailored automation

We are an approved GIRA installer which offers a range of smart home flexible modular systems meaning that wireless smart home technology can be tailored to your needs.

NICEIC approved electrical contractors

Working with an electrician at design stage can ensure that you have considered all options and are fully aware of the range of capabilities so that a smart home is tailored to requirements and to budget. An electrician can also design the wireless infrastructure including any wiring such as data cabling installation to enable smart home communications and power.

If you’re a builder, property developer, architect or homeowner embarking on a new build or refurbishment project, you can benefit from our electrical expertise as we can advise on the best design and placement for electrical installation.

Our team of fully qualified professional electricians install a range of automation systems. Contact us today to discuss your home automation system installation.

We also offer a range of electrical services whether electrical wiring, Electric Car charger installation and outdoor power and home lighting installation.

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