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We’re proud to be an approved Gira installer. Known as ‘smart home pioneers’, the subtle yet smart Gira solutions have quality design at the core. The attention to detail in some of the designs for the home are stunning and make for a modern yet sleek technology solution. Here we take a look at the Gira option which provides a solid framework for a home automation system offering future flexibility.

Flexible smart home building technology

The Gira System 3000 allows you to create the basis of your smart home. You can control lighting, room temperature and shading with blinds. As approved electrical contractors, we can assess the best place to install the system in homes.

Due to its ease of installation, there is minimal disruption on site. It can be installed in any standard flush mounted box with existing wiring if required for a refurbishment.

Occupants can control functionality via a smartphone and tablet.

The reason the Gira System 3000 provides a great steppingstone to your smart home is because if you wanted to extend the building technology you control you simply change the top unit. It’s the modular design which allows the ability to cater for almost all building technology functions but importantly allows for this adaptation depending on the needs of future occupants.

Read the brochure for more information about the Gira System 3000 and flexible building technology.

Approved Electrical Contractors

Our philosophy is totally aligned with Gira. We are dedicated to finding the best solution for any project we work on therefore the vast range and the flexibility of solutions that Gira offers means demands can be met for projects of all sizes.

If you’re a builder, property developer or architect embarking on a new build or refurbishment project then you can benefit from our electrical expertise as we can advise on the best design of electrical systems and placement for electrical installation.

We offer a range of electrical services whether you require house electrical wiring, home automation installationsmart home automation lighting control, and electric car charger installation.

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