Guide to home lighting for dramatic effect

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Lighting can have the ability to create the perfect ambience for a home.

We work closely with architects, builders, and property developers to help create the desired lighting effect. Here are some considerations for both interior and exterior lighting solutions for the home.

Interior lighting

On trend features in today’s homes include exposed interior bricks, display shelves, wall units through to focal staircases. But, whatever the feature, lighting that showcases these interior elements can help create a much-desired look.

Using a low-level lighting solution is a great option for accentuating features.

Having the option to choose which lights are switched on or off right down to the exact bulb not only provides cost-efficiencies but offers dramatic effect for subdued lighting or full lighting as required. A wireless home automation solution can help you create your smart home which allows you to automate lighting.

Adaptable lighting is looking more essential these days. As more and more of us work from home due to COVID-19, open plan living areas become offices in the day and the need to change the mood is important for wellbeing and a way to separate the multipurpose functionality. So, by having a flexible lighting option – all at the touch of a button – can really help.

Whilst spotlights may be practical and a style often adopted for modern refurbs and new build homes, if you have the option, then why not create a centre piece for the room with a stunning lighting fixture.

These are just a few ideas but as you can see there’s scope for a wide range of lighting options for the home. We find that being involved at design stage with our clients, whether that’s on large scale residential projects or individual homes, means the best possible lighting can be achieved as we can discuss all options and work through ideas. This then lessens the need to retrofit later down the line – which may prove costly.

Gira installer

We’re an approved Gira installer. A product such as the Gira System 3000 has quality design at the core and provides a great steppingstone to a smart home due to its modular design. This allows the ability to cater for almost all building technology functions.

Outdoor lighting

We’ve worked on many projects installing aesthetic lighting for gardens. Bring the outside into your home with lighting that allows you to enjoy the garden for those long summer evenings.

Lighting a pathway to your home or installing movement sensor lights is also another option to help with security.

Lighting installation

The right choice of lighting can help to ‘wow’ a potential buyer or tenant. When we work with property developers, architects, and builders we have the knowledge and expertise to advise on which electrical systems to use, where electric points should be located or which lighting to use.

From lighting through to home automation installation and electric car charger installationget in touch to talk through your project requirements. 

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