Tailoring electrical solutions for your build

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From design through to electrical installation, our team of professional electricians can help you create an environment tailored to your project specification.

Working closely with architects, builders, property developers and homeowners, we can provide a bespoke package of electrical installations. Here we take a closer look at some of the considerations so you can get the best for your project

Incorporating electrical systems into your design

With smart homes and offices the norm, new-build or refurbishment projects need to take on board a raft of considerations when it comes to electrical solutions.

By incorporating electrical wiring into design and planning stage will ensure that all scenarios are considered; the best electrical systems for your requirements are used; and where electrical points should be located in conjunction with the rest of the build. It is also the ideal time to think about which lighting system to use, energy efficient solutions and data installations.

With more projects demanding wireless automation (read about the advantages of home automation here), working closely with an electrician at design stage can ensure electrical works are the right solutions for the job, installed safely and with no need for any retrofit.

Also, as more drivers choose electric vehicles, and with the ban on the sale of new petrol, diesel and hybrid cars of 2035 swiftly approaching, considering electric car charging points at design stage can save on costly retrofit. An assessment by an electrical contractor at design stage will also enable you to see any installation challenges that you may need to overcome and help with obtaining an OLEV grant to offset installation cost.

Electrical installation stage

As a team of fully qualified electricians with a wealth of expertise under our belts, we ensure that good communication is maintained between our electricians and other trades on site. This enables the smooth running of a project.

Project completion

It is important that electrical systems run correctly and efficiently. That’s why we ensure a full handover with operating manual so that building users get the more out of the electrical systems post installation. This helps to ensure that energy saving devices are used efficiently.

Electrical contractors near you

From lighting through to home automation system installation and electric car charger installationget in touch with our team of electrical contractors to discuss the electrical services for your project and let us tailor a system suited for your building requirements. We work on projects large or small in Surrey and across Greater London.

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