Why being environmentally conscious is more important now than ever post-COVID

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Since the COVID19 pandemic hit the UK, the impact of various factors on the environment have been a big topic of discussion amongst many industries. With many seeing the positive impact of lockdowns on wastage and carbon emissions, and the UK Government introducing many green initiatives, it is now more important than ever to take a proactive approach to looking after the planet.

Many of the services we offer at GK Electrical Contractors are environmentally conscious, and with the UK Government’s plans to achieve virtually zero carbon emittance by 2050, the increase in electric vehicles, home automations and sustainable housing has increased.

Here we detail the projects and services we offer at GK Electrical Contractors that may interest companies and individuals wanting to reduce their carbon footprint.

Our work developing prefabricated homes

We are extremely proud at GK Electrical Contractors to have worked with Dan-wood on developing prefabricated homes to better the environment for future generations. One of the sites we have worked on is Graven Hill. Graven Hill has 1,900 self-build, custom build and affordable homes as well as community infrastructure and beautiful green spaces.

Not only are the sites beautiful to be at, but the ethos behind these sites is one we really do believe in. Graven Hill state that,

“Sustainable placemaking is essential to ensuring houses turn to homes and inspire people to put down roots. That’s why we’re committed to a people-centred approach to the planning, design, and management of Graven Hill.”

Whilst the sites are environmentally friendly due to the materials used, processes and green spaces incorporated into the designs; the homes being built also help to tackle the housing problem faced by the UK; with there currently not being enough homes for future generations.

The transition to electric vehicles

Since the start of the pandemic there have been many green initiatives launched and confirmed by the UK Government. This includes the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans being banned by 2030, the introduction of these green number plates, cheaper parking and free entry into zero-emission zones provides added value for motorists with electric vehicles.

The UK Government plans to invest £1.3 billion to fast-track the roll out of electric vehicle charging infrastructure to support the initiatives launched. There will be a priority placed on rapid charge points on motorways and major roads, alongside the installation of more on-street electric vehicle charge points near homes and workplaces.

With demand for electric cars increasing, and such Government initiatives, there will inevitably be an increased need for charging points. It’s therefore important for architects, designers and property developers to consider the installation of electric charging points at design stage whether for homes, housing developments and commercial offices so that vehicle charging is integrated. You can find out more about the importance of having electrical consultation at the design stage of a property/ car park here.

Making our homes more energy efficient

The UK Government further demonstrated their want to improve the environment with the announcement of a Ten-Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution. The plan includes details to help make buildings more energy efficient.

Part of this plan includes the Future Home Standard. This will set standards to help future-proof buildings by incorporating low-carbon heating helping to prevent retrofitting which incurs additional cost. This standard is set to be introduced in 2025 Europe wide, although the UK Government currently plans to bring this date forward in the UK.

As part of the governments ten-point plan it has extended the Green Homes Grant. This means that homeowners and landlords have up until the end of March 2022 to complete energy efficiency home upgrades with the help of a voucher of up to £5,000 to be put forward to the cost of eligible home improvements. Read more about making a home more energy efficient and summary of the types of improvements that are eligible.

Environmentally conscious electrical contractors

At GK Electrical Contractors, helping clients with installation of energy efficient solutions to benefit the environment is a core focus of what we do. We offer a range of electrical services to make a home or office more energy efficient with considered electrical installation. From electric car charger installation through to energy efficient lighting and home automation installation, our team of electricians can help you with the right choice of electric systems to help lower your impact on the environment. We are also actively involved in many projects where prefabricated homes are providing much-needed environmentally conscious housing solutions.

Find out more about the ban on petrol and diesel cars here, and the home automation solutions available here.

Here to help

Our qualified and experienced electrical contractors are on-hand to advise on how to make your homes, properties and projects more environmentally friendly. Contact us today to find out how we can help your property become environmentally conscious.

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