Why wouldn’t you want an EV charging point?

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When deciding on whether or not to buy an electric vehicle (EV), a big consideration for customers is the EV charging point. Here we discuss the top 5 concerns around EV charging unit installation, and what we can do at GK Electrical Contractors to help resolve it.

  • Installation is expensive

For many, the investment needed for an EV can be expensive. However, with the OZEV grant, the Government will fund towards the installation; making the project more cost efficient than it ever has been. It is also worth considering the return on your investment over time. When working this out, the project is a lot more affordable then it can sometimes appear.

At GK Electrical Contractors we are on hand to advise on costs, differing models and grants available to ensure the installation is as affordable as it can be.

  • A lack of public charging points

With diesel cars being fazed out over the coming years, with a complete ban on new petrol and diesel cars set for 2030, there is a bigger push than ever on ensuring public EV charging points. All new car parks will have EV charging provision and the majority of existing car parks will have this provision added in mind of the 2030 developments.

This means there has never been a better time for buying an EV car.

Do you own a business with a car park that hasn’t got EV charging provision? Our electrical experts at GK Electrical Contractors are on hand to help install EV charging units for commercial and residential properties.

Read our blog on designing buildings and car parks in mind of EV car charging here.

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Read more about the ban on new petrol and diesel cars here.

  • Units look ugly

Now that the units are practical and location is more flexible than ever, the developers have worked hard to ensure the units are more aesthetically pleasing. Considering the unit sits on the outside of your home or property, we completely appreciate the need to have it looking nice and discreet. There are now lots of designs to choose from, depending on your wants and needs. Here are just a couple available:

  • Installation takes ages!

Nope – not with the Zappi EV charging units. Their internal earthing unit means that installation is quicker (and more importantly safer) than ever before. The built-in earthing device within the charging units means there is complete flexibility on where your unit goes and removes the need to manually install an earthing rod separately. This reduces the installation time considerably; meaning having your EV charging unit installed costs less, is quicker and can be installed wherever you prefer.

  • It’s complicated to use and is hard to control the usage

Some home automation systems can be connected to your EV charging unit. This can help you determine the best times for charging your car, enable remote access and improve security on your charging unit. Home automation systems are accessible via a panel in your home or/and as an app on your phone; for easy access.

If you have more questions on how to use home automation systems to help streamline what you do around the home contact us. You can also find out more via our blog on home automation solutions here.

We hope we have dispelled some common concerns about EV charging units. For full information, and a quote on how to get your property EV ready, contact us today.

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